At Be Social YEG, we will work with you to ensure that the design of your website supports your business aspirations and the image that you want to create. We will also make sure that your website is practical, relevant to your products or services, and easy for potential customers to navigate.

Website design process

We work closely with you to ensure we capture the design and functionality you are envisioning. We help you determine how you want your company’s website to look visually (colours, fonts, imagery and video)

We will also develop graphics and determine if there are any specific images that should be included on the website.

We will present our design with your team, and incorporate your feedback, with the goal of a beautiful, functional and converting website.

The Benefits of a new Website

There are many benefits of updating  your website. These include the ability to capture the viewer’s attention and inspire them to learn more about your business. An properly optimized and mobile friend website can help your website’s SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, which could result in more visitors to the website and more potential customers.

Another benefit of effective website design is the ability to re-organize and update the content of the website, making it easier to find and understand.   This will make potential clients or customers more interested in visiting the website a second time.


How Is Your Website Performing?



Maintaining or updating your website’s design is a worthwhile investment. Not only can we keep your content up-to-date, we can keep your plugins updated, and ensure your website doesn't fall prey to hackers.

Web Development

Our team is equipped with the expertise to produce exceptional websites, and to create a design that will result in superior accessibility.

PPC Advertising

At Be Social YEG, we understand the importance of using a variety of advertising methods and services to help businesses succeed.


Do you want to increase the status of your business’s website? Would you like it to be recognized as a top website within your industry.

Social Media Marketing

At Be Social YEG, we provide you with the highest quality of social media services for your business. A team of highly skilled.

Facebook Marketing

With Facebook being one of the most commonly used social media websites, it is no surprise that many businesses choose to promote.


"Extremely fair price helped me build my website hassle free in a short amount of time! Recommend highly for all social media and advertisement purposes."

- Adam Czobar